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12 April 2009 @ 03:43 pm
Happy easter~  

Here is my easter egg for you xD

Well i got encouraged to write a sequel for "When the times has come"

Hope you like it :D


Title:“The more you love something, the harder it is to say you love it“


Pairing: Kaji Daiki / Kuboaki Kanako


Genre: Fluff, Romance


Rating: PG


Summary: Joke or not? That's the question.


Notes: Sequel for „When the time has come..“ Iya iya actually this title was for the first story.. but somehow i forgot to call it like this. XD Alert: totally cheesy DaikiXAki fic XD Sorry but this is enbetaed X___X If you find flaws, keep them ;D


Disclaimer: The characters are unfortunatly not mine. Just the story is mine. I wouldnt mind to have a Ryosuke though *___*



She stood at the airport, finally. She couldn't believe how slow the month did pass. As if one day would have more than 24 hours. Everything took so long. But finally, she was there at the airport, ready to board in about fifteen minutes. Like the days before, the time didn't seem to want to flow. How ironic, she thought. At moments that you cherish like no other, time flows way too fast. Like the five months she spent with the guys in the forensic seminar. But when time should flow fast, it didn't. This past month she couldn't stop herself from thinking about him. Aki would wake up in the night, from a weird dream where he appeared with Denzel Washington. She would hallucinate to see him standing in the subway. She would hear him ask „doushite?“, while walking through the streets, even though she wasn't surrounded by any japanese person. Damn, she was getting crazy. And she missed him. Since that day there was nearly not one second, that she hadn't thought of him. She remembered the feeling of his lips on hers and found herself dreaming about it when she was in class. Who does he think he is, she thought. Kissing me so suddenly and then laughing at me? She was furious, but still hoped that it wasn't any sick joke of him. But then, when had he ever been serious, when it wasn't about forensic medicine? She practially hasn't seen him serious in a situation like this. He had always been playing pranks on her like that, but he had gone too far this time. The first thing, she would do when she was in Japan again, would be calling him and meeting him, to give him a slap in the face. She should have done back on the day, when he kissed her. But she had been too surprised to give any reaction. She just went into the bus, because the driver was already nagging. She gazed out of the window to him, when the bus drove off. He was still smiling. Oh, she would make him suffer, she thought. And when it was the last thing she would do. Suddenly she felt someone tipping her shoulder. „Excuse me Miss, but it's time to board the plane now“, said the stewardess who checked the tickets. „Oh, sure. Sorry!“, Aki said and handed her ticket to her, then hurried into the plane. People stared at her in anger, when she walked down the aisle to her seat. Great, she thought. She did it again. Standing somewhere and spacing out. This idiot was totally controlling her thoughts! Angry at herself, she pulled out a magazine and began to skim through the pages, searching for nothing in paticular. She just wanted to keep her thoughts busy. Sometime later she fell asleep, because it was an overnight flight. When she woke up it was already day. She wondered how long she had slept. She checked her watch, which was still in american time and found out that it was already 08:00 am. So she had slept for around 10 hours! At least the flight wasn't so long this way. Soon enough the stewardess were offering breakfast. Aki ate some bread an leaned back. Only two hours and she would be home. The rest of the flight was also calm. But the nearer the plane came to Japan the more nervous Aki would get. By the time, when the plane began to sink, her nerves where completly blank. Although she had no reason to be so silly nervous for just beeing in the same city as him. It's not like that he would wait for her on the airport to arrive...


When she finally got her luggage, she walked towards the exit. Suddenly she heard a scream „AKI!“ She turned and saw Daiki, Ryosuke-kun, Teppei-kun and Hanei-kun standing there in the middle of the hall with a large sign, which said „Okaeri Aki-chan~!“

What the -?, she thought. Everyone in the hall were already staring at the four boys. Oh dear... maybe i can just pretend, that i don't know them?, she thought. „Okaeri Aki!“, she heard them shout. Impossible... She walked towards them recultantly. „What the hell are you doing here?“, she asked, ignoring the butterflies, which were flying in her stomach just now. „We're here to welcome you!“, Teppei-kun answered. „You guys are too much...“, she said smiling. Then turned her gaze on Daiki, who was smiling too. „Tadaima“, she said and laughed.

Aki handed the boys her luggage and walked towards the exit. „How did you manage to bring more stuff back, than you took with the one month ago?“, asked Daiki snorting. „The shopping malls are quite large in america you know?“ „Unbelievable.“ Daiki smiled. So she was back. He wondered what she was thinking about the thing, which happened last time they saw each other.

They brought her luggage to her apartment and settled down in „Chura-chan“ for a „Welcome back, Aki! Party“

It was as if the seminar had never ended, she thought. Although everyone of them were following their own dreams. „So what did you do the past month?“ , she asked the boys. And so the evening passed by.

Later when they wanted to leave, Daiki offered to walk her home. It was like all of their walks before but somehow it was also totally different. There hadn't been this awkward silence before. This time it was very awkward. Both of them stared at the path. Daiki was confused. He wondered why Aki was acting totally different than he had imagined her to act, when she would see him. Actually, she acted as if nothing had happened at all. Of course he didn't think she would run into his arm or something like that, but she was so distant, more than before. „Ano ne..“, both of them said at the same time. They looked at each other smiling. „Go ahead“, he said. „No, you go ahead“; she answered. „Well...did you get invited to dance parties?“, he asked grinning. What? This guy was driving her crazy... „Sure“, she answered cocky. „There were tons of handsome boys, who would invite me every evening.“ „Haha as if...“, he answered cheeky, but was a bit nervous inside. „Compared to certain other boys, there are guys who are recognising me as a girl. And not as a funny thing to mess with“, she almost spitted this words. Daiki heard the gravity behind her words. He stepped in front of her and she almost ran into him. He looked at her with a serious gaze. „What do you mean?“, he asked. Would he ever stop, messing around with her? She had enough of this already. She liked him, but she was hurt, that he was playing with her feelings just like that. „You know pretty well what I mean“, she told him and walked around him and out of sight, wiping away tears. Daiki stood there facing the ground. Does she really think that he was just messing with her? He had imagined everything, but not that. He had kissed her, haden't he? Didn't she understand what it meant? Apparently not. She thought, he was joking her. „Damn.“ He clenched his fist. What was he supposed to do now? He had to tell her the truth. But would she even listen to him? Would she understad that he was serious?

Back at her apartment, Aki collapsed on the bed. How did everything went so totally wrong? The day begun so nice and ended terrible. She stared at the wall. Why did she have to say these things? She had been too furious to control herself. Normally she wouldn't be this way. But she was bad, at heart things. She wasn't even sure, if his kiss back then was really just a joke. But there was no way he could be serious, right? You should tell him, how you feel, whispered a small voice inside her. How was he supposed to know what you feel, if you wouldn't tell him? She tried to shut the voice, but she knew, that she was right.

He hadn't slept well. Actually he hadn't slept at all this night. He though a lot and he made a decision, yet again. Daiki pulled out his cell and dialed the number he had known for so long. Soon enough a voice on the other side answered. „Moshi moshi? Ah Daiki!“, said Ryosukes voice. „I could need your help“, Daiki answered. „What about?“ „I tell you later, are you free?“ „Sure“ „Ok, can we meet at the Tourin campus?“ „Roger!“

„You did WHAT?“, shouted Ryosuke when Daiki told him about everything. „You don' have to shout like that, you know!“; he told him covering his ears. „You kissed Aki-chan? Wow, I hadn't imagined you to be so straight forward“, he grinned. „Ryosuke, you're not a great help, you know. Did you forget about the fight?“ „Oh right, so she thought you were just messing with her?“ Daiki sighed. Ryosuke could be very annoying at times. „And why didn't you just tell her, that you wasn't joking?“, Ryosuke wasn't getting the point of the sensless fight between his friends. „Because she ran off, before I could say a word? And also how should I say it?“ „Daiki, you're hopeless. Just call her and tell her to meet you!“, Ryosuke told him. „As if she would listen to me now“, Daiki had barely stopped speaking when Ryosuke was on his phone. „Moshi moshi, Aki? Are you free just now? I have something to discus with you. Yeah, it's urgent! Ok, meet me at Tourin gakuen. Till then!“, he hung up. Daiki stared at him in disbelief. „So, she will be here in around ten minutes. Don't bugger it. You owe me one!“, Ryosuke said grinnig and getting up. He waved at him and walked off. Daiki stared at his leaving features. He had to settle this now. It was his fault, that everything was a mess. Because he didn't stated his feelings clearly. He took a deep breath, when he saw her walking towards the school gate. She stopped when she saw him and was about to turn, when he called her name. „What do you want?“, it was hard to keep her cool, as she turned to face him. „About what you said yesterday...“, he began. „I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be so mean“, she cut him off. „It's just that everything is so confusing and-“, she couldn't finish her sentence because he suddenly bent down to kiss her. She felt as if her feelings were driving roller coaster. Daiki broke apart and watched her closely. „Was it that what confused you so much?“, he asked softly. She nodded. „Well, I wasn't sure how to tell you this. So i hoped you would understand. But you didn't“, he said.. „Do you remember what you said? >The more you love something, the harder it is to say you love it<. I think you were right back then. 'Cause it goes same for me“, he said gazing at her. Aki stared at him, unable to say something. „I love you Aki!“, he almost whispered it. „Eh?“, did she hear it right? He loved her? Or was she still sleeping and dreaming? „Don't you make me say it again!“, he pinched her cheek. Then slowly she recognised that it wasn't a dream. „Hey that hurt!“ „So you aren't giving me an answer?“, he asked with a faked shocked voice. „Baka! I love you too! I always did! Baka! Baka! Baka!“, she screamed and began to cry, beating him against his chest. He laughed and hugged her. „I know“, he whsipered.

Someone clapped and they looked, where the noise was coming from. They found Ryosuke, Teppei-kun and Hanei-kun coming out of their hiding place.“You guys are seriously too much“, Ryosuke said and smiled.



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paige: springultraviolet_p1 on April 13th, 2009 04:18 am (UTC)
Heee...I was like reading and practically holding my chin up with my hands...ready to squeal at the moments, the two were together and being so baka to each other.

You captured the essence of the two. I did think that is how they would react. And, I so love Ryosuke cameo. Grinning and all.

Ja na.
sarerusareru on April 15th, 2009 12:30 pm (UTC)
what the heck?!
my comment disappeared xD
well then... here we go again :D

i really like that one, too <3
thx for continuing xD
the "oh, she would make him suffer"-part was great xD
love that xD
and again: denzel washington xDDD
and i think they aren't OOC at all :3
(Deleted comment)
sarerusareru on April 15th, 2009 02:45 pm (UTC)
argh~ dammit sry XD

yeah i like it <3
will you do another one? >3
*evil grin*