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15 April 2009 @ 01:42 am
Just A Matter Of Time  
warning: Shounen-Ai / gay romance

Hanei x Teppei
Shounen-Ai, Romance, Comedy
erm... argh~, just darn those strange letters xD suitable for anyone who likes gay guys XD
somewhere near the ending of the series, after the hepatitis-episode <3
Characters belong to the dear writers and producers of the 'VOICE' dorama :3
RABU ³³³, ey ! <3
i hope you enjoy this crap i'm writing xD
hrm... so what else? .____. did i mention that i don't know what to write until the story is finished? xD guess i'll never be a pro XD
[and please note that the title has no relation to the actual story, just like in almost every of my stories xD i just liked that expression (and i'm listening to that song right now, so... xD)]

"Teppei? Where the heck are you?"
This guy never was where he should be, when you were searching for him.
"Come on, get out of where ever you are! I know you are somwhere around!"
Maybe that would really make him come out. Or maybe not. Finally I found him in the lab, washing dishes.
"Hey, how the heck could dishes be more important then I am?"
I jumped towards him, laying my arms around him, pushing him to the ground. He began stuggling, just as always.
"H-hey... get away from me, Hanei-kun... w-what do you want?"
"Nothing, actually."
I released him, so he was able to breath and also to stand up, just like I did (I meant the stand-up-thing... well, the breathing as well... argh, just forget that...).
"Then what did you jump me for?"
He was looking annoyed as always. I liked that expression on his face. Usually he was smiling the whole time and that was a thing that made me seriously sick.
"You got a problem? Huh?!", I asked just like every time I was struggling for an answer. What did I really jump him for?
I didn't really know myself. Maybe just for some action in that damn boring house. Or maybe it was for seing this expression that I liked so much on his face.
"N-no, of course i ain't no problem with that...", he answered, smiling shyly again.
And as soon as that smile entered his face, I turned for the sink and grabbed some scalpels of the surgery set. Putting it under the water I said: "I'll help you...", and before he could return anything: "And DON'T you dare asking why, okay?!"
I didn't look at him. I know what he looked like right now. He was wearing his smile again. But not the usual smile. This smile was full of happiness and appreciation, and I couldn't stand looking at him like this. I would start smiling with him. And my pride forbade this to happen. Why did Japanese have so many problems with their pride? Was this about genes? Maybe I should look that up in a dictionary...
After a short moment he gave me a "Thank you" in a small voice and joined me in washing the dishes.
When we finished, we got back to our research room and took off the white coats. "Ne, Teppei... Wanna come and drink some beer tonight?"
The other three were out for some research on our current case so they wouldn't join us tonight.
He thought about it for a moment, then answered a polite "Yes".
"Cool" was all I could say about that.
So we took off to our 'Chura-chan'. I ordered two pots of beer, got them and led Teppei-kun upstairs into my room.
"Why are we here?", he asked, looking around.
"You got a problem?!", I returned, glaring at him.
"N-no, sir..." And again, I liked this expression of his. Staring at me anxiously he sat down on the ground and waited until I would say something to comfort him and show him that he was safe. But he wasn't safe. Especially not now. There was something I needed to talk to him about, that's why we came here and weren't downstairs where my mother always came by to interrupt our every conversations.
I got down in front of my bed, leaning against it, and passed the beer to Teppei.
But as always there was one big problem between us: A big gap of silence and rigidity.
So I downed the beer with one gulp (which maybe wasn't the best idea I ever had since I began choking right afterwards).
"Anou sa...", I began, not really knowing how to continue.
He was looking at me, probably wondering what I was going to say.
I tried to arrange some words (because that damn silence started getting on my nerves), but then he began talking.
"You know... I still have those charms you put in my pockets when I came back from hospital that day..."
Yes, THAT day... Probably one of the worst days since our seminar in forensic pathology had started. When he was told the results of his hepatitis test results. The day I bought 10 health charms for him and sacrificed 1000 yen in the shrine. It was really hard for me to resist running for him while he was in the hospital waiting for his results which would have an effect on his whole life.
I watched him drinking his beer silently. And he downed it almost as fast as I had done just now.
"I'm... gonna get some more..."
I reached out for his glass, but suddenly I slipped and fell over.
And almost automaticly he burst into laughter.
"Hey, you think that's funny?! Wait until I get you, you..."
I finally got a grip of myself and jumped on him, locking him between my arms.
"You still thinking that's funny?"
He obviously did, because he was still laughing.
"Hey, stop laughing at me, Mister Perfect..."
I released him... but only to pin him down to the floor, sitting on his lap.
"Shut it, you little..."
And now I couldn't hold myself any longer.
I mean, come on. This guy was lying right beneath me, giggling like there will never be tomorrow.
So I lowered my face on his. Slowly, not realizing how he stopped laughing.
"H-Hanei-kun? What... are you..."
That damn freakin' wrong smile that made me go crazy finally had disappeared.
But just in time I could stop myself - stop myself from kissing him. What a ridiculous... but still nice... thought.
But how should I get out of this now? I mean, I wasn't the one giving explanations on anything I do, but would he talk to me ever again if I wouldn't explain myself?
"Sorry... haha... drunk, I guess..."
I tried to laugh, but I gorgeously failed. Would he believe in what I just had said when I couldn't even laugh properly? Gosh, I'm really something... (something bad, deffinitely, but still something...)
"Hanei-kun...", he suddenly said.
"I.. I also have something I want to give you... a good-luck charm..."
I swallowed. "Oh... really?"
He nodded, watching my face as I watched his.
Then, suddenly, he touched my lips with his.
It was just a fraction of a second but this fraction was the best, deffinitely. I felt his lips softly pressed on mine, felt him shivering, felt his hotness, even smelled his seductive scent.
But then he drew his lips away from mine, with that smile that was so much more beautiful that it almost hurt my eyes looking on him.
"Sorry....", he whispered. "Drunk, I guess..."
'Astonishment' was the word everybody who saw me must have read in my face right now, maybe even he read that. But he didn't seem like he would read anything right now.
"Y-yeah... I... I guess so...", I pressed out between my lips.
"So... since we're both drunk... I.. I like you... a little... maybe... so... I'll overlook that... and won't punish you..."
"And... the charm...?", I asked to get back to a (to some tiny extent) normal conversation.
He looked at me, his eyes full of questions.
Was there maybe something I didn't get? Or did I miss something? What the heck...?
"Spit it out...", I whispered, pressing his arms to the floor.
Again - a short moment of silence. Then he said: "You... want more?"
And so he pressed his lips against mine again.
So... this actually WAS the charm? Wow... No wonder my mum didn't watch those romantic crap movies with me. This situation here was... fairly romantic... like in some girls drama. Except for no girls being around.
And? Did I want more?
Well... I was drunk, wasn't I?



wow xD
for not knowing what to write this is a pretty long one, isn't it? xD
i hope you guys like it and maybe i will even get some encouraging comments :3
thx a bunch in advantage <3
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heppysnowy_yuki on April 15th, 2009 03:07 pm (UTC)
you could right since she's in japan now XD
sarerusareru on April 15th, 2009 03:11 pm (UTC)
yes i'll ask her mother xD
she actually likes me quite well xD
even the dog likes me xD
so maybe they're okay with that :D
heppysnowy_yuki on April 15th, 2009 03:19 pm (UTC)
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yeah >3
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heppysnowy_yuki on April 15th, 2009 03:29 pm (UTC)
yes definitely!!! XD

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