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28 December 2008 @ 01:04 pm
Press Con.  
Stalked Tomalicious news again ;P Credit of course for them ^^



Fuji TV drama "VOICE ~ Voice of the deceased"~ (launch January 12 next year , on Monday night, 9:00) production will be released on the 27th, in Tokyo's Odaiba Hotel. Eita (26), Ikuta Toma(24), Satomi Ishihara (22), Endo Yuya (21), Satou Tomohito (24) and Tokito Saburo (50) have attended the press conference. The first series starring by Eita with smile and self-confidence, say "For the first time, starring on Monday 9 drama, My heart is filled with Joy, VOICE absolutely can become an interesting work. Because I am an actor, I would like to show the hero without a cut and polish the uncut, we can make people feel the importance of life and living in excitement.
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